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 sades sa708gt  sades sa708gt
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النوع: sades الموديل: sa708gt
EMI/RFI Shielding to prevent electromagnetic/radio-frequency interference, ensuring you a good mood when playing gamesUnique, well shaped and designed gaming headset, with foldable hidden microphonePremier SADES-AFV volume control with extra Mic-muted functionSoft PU leather cushion ear-pad and head..
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2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo MINI4000 2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo MINI4000
-31 %
النوع: meetion الموديل: mini4000
◆ The ergonomic design of the keyboard and mouse, low operation noise.◆ Power-efficient wireless technology, Coverage range up to 10M.◆ 10 shortcut keys for Internet and Multimedia applications.◆ Automatic connection, no need to match the receiver with a keyboard or mouse.◆&..
₪55 ₪80
AULA X8 USB HeadPhone 7.1 - 4D Virtual Speaker - Vibration AULA X8 USB HeadPhone 7.1 - 4D Virtual Speaker - Vibration
جديد -10 %
النوع: Aula الموديل: aulax8
AULA X8 USB Wired Cool LED Gaming Headset 7.1 Low Deep Bass Built-in Microphone, 50mm Unit Game headphone With Noise Cancelling for Laptop Computer Game, 4D Virtual Speaker, Blue and Whiteميزة الرجاج اثناء اللعب..
₪135 ₪150
BT Headset Games World
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الموديل: BT-Headset-Games-World
سماعات خاصه بالعاب pc , xbox , psبوبجي موبايل سماعات محيطيةBT Headset Games World ..
₪50 ₪70
cover hand ps4-ps5-xbox one-xbox x series
-25 %
الموديل: coverps4
متوفر عدة الوان مميزة لغطاء كونترولربلاي ستيشن 4 /5اكس بوكس ون / اكس..
₪15 ₪20
Dobe Handle storage bag TY-18177 Dobe Handle storage bag TY-18177
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الموديل: ty18177
Suitable for Xbox Series S/X, One S/X, Google controller, Switch Pro controller, PS5 and PS4 controllerProduct name: Handle storage bagProduct model: TY-18177【Features】1. Suitable for Xbox Series S/X, One S/X, Google controller, Switch Pro controller, PS5 and PS4 controller;2. Environmental protecti..
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النوع: FANTECH الموديل: tx1pro
Control Your Ear-phone Using Fantech Smart Life App :تحكم بها عبر برنامجها android : iphone :
₪135 ₪150
Fantech Gaming and Music Speakers – GS204 wired & bluetooth
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النوع: FANTECH الموديل: gs204
سماعه كمبيوتر USB سماعةFull name: Rumble GS204Interface: 3.5 mm AUX, and USBClear, deep, perfect soundRGB lighting effects (7 modes)Dual connection (bluetooth or wired)Buttons : RGB, Poper, volume controlDimensions : 180 * 81 * 90 mmالاسم: رامبل GS204المدخل : 3.5 ملم اوكس و مدخل يو اس بيصوت واضح ، م..
₪110 ₪120
Fantech Gaming Controller – GP13 Fantech Gaming Controller – GP13
-13 %
النوع: FANTECH الموديل: gp13
Familiar console-like layoutCable length : 180 cmDual vibration motorsTurbo mode : to simulate multiple button presses by holding the buttonButtons : 19 buttonsWeight : 177 gتصميم مشابه لوحدة تحكم البلايستيشنطول السلك: 180 سممحركات اهتزاز مزدوجوضع تيربو : لمحاكاة الضغطات المتعددة على الأزرار باستمرا..
₪105 ₪120
Fantech Gaming Mouse UX2 Fantech Gaming Mouse UX2
-17 %
النوع: FANTECH الموديل: ux2
Switch lifetime: 50 million clicks LED: RGB – 16.8M colors – 7 modes DPI: 12000 DPI Buttons: 6 Buttons programmable Cable : light and flexible para-cord Interface : USB Weight : 74 g – Light weight Size : 125 * 64 * 39 mmالعمر الافتراضي للمفاتيح :50 مليون كبسة الاضاءة: RGB – 16.8 ..
₪150 ₪180
Fantech Gaming Mouse – UX3 Fantech Gaming Mouse – UX3
Hot -6 %
النوع: FANTECH الموديل: ux3
10 RGB spectrum modeSwitch lifetime: 50 million clicksDPI: 400-16000 DPIPolling rate : 1000 HzInterface : USBButtons : 6 buttons ProgrammablePixart gaming sensorCable length : 180 cmSize : 120 * 58 * 38 mmSuper lightweight (69 g)10 مودات من الإضاءةالعمر الافتراضي للمفاتيح :50 مليون كبسةسرعات 400 – 1..
₪150 ₪160
Fantech Headphone MH90 Sonata Fantech Headphone MH90 Sonata
-23 %
النوع: FANTECH الموديل: mh90
Adjustable earcup angleComfortable ear padsWeight : 266 grCable length : 200cmInterface : 305 mm jack with 1 to 2 aux adapter (included)Light weight and durableDetachable microphoneNoise canceling microphoneInline audio controlزاوية سماعة أذن قابلة للتعديلوسادات أذن مريحةالوزن: 266 غرامطول السلك: 20..
₪155 ₪200
Fantech In-ear Gaming Earplugs – EG2 Fantech In-ear Gaming Earplugs – EG2
-23 %
النوع: FANTECH الموديل: eg2
Perfect sound isolationInterface :L shape 3.5 mm AUXDetachable flexible microphoneIn-line microphone with volume controlExtra 3.5 mm computer adapter jack extention is included for PC useخاصية عزل الصوتمدخل السلك :اوكس (3.5ملم) شكل Lمايكروفون مرن قابك للفك والتركيبمايكروفون ضمن النسق مع امكانية التح..
₪69 ₪90
-35 %
النوع: FANTECH الموديل: mc20
RGB IlluminationCardioid Polar PatternPlug type USB A to USB B(cable included)Dimension:172*45.5*45.5mmCord length 2.5mFrequency response 20Hz-20kHz..
₪55 ₪85
headphone pubg
-50 %
الموديل: pubghd
headphone pubg - pubghd - headphones هيدفون..
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Kisonli TM-4000U 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, wireless , subwoofer Kisonli TM-4000U 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, wireless , subwoofer
-8 %
النوع: kisonli الموديل: TM-4000U
Brand : KisnoliModel : TM-4000UPower Source : BatterySpecial Feature : Wireless, PORTABLE, MiniUse : HOME THEATRE, Portable Audio Player, Mobile PhoneNumber of Loudspeaker Enclosure : 3..
₪120 ₪130
Lucky Fox Wireless Controller for PS4 - PS5 - Black [LF-0288] Lucky Fox Wireless Controller for PS4 - PS5 - Black [LF-0288]
جديد -15 %
الموديل: lf0288
Precision controller enhanced to offer you absolute for all games on PlayStation 4, and fit on PlayStation 5 for PS4 games.The wireless Conroller features stereo headset jack, putting several new audio options in your hands.Improved feel, shape, and sensitivity of dual analog sticks and trigger butt..
₪170 ₪200
-50 %
الموديل: otgtc
 Adapter For Mobile Phoneتحويلة من يو اس بي ل تايب سي تستخدم لشبك فلاشة ..
₪5 ₪10
razer deathadder chroma 10000dpi razer deathadder chroma 10000dpi
-29 %
النوع: razer الموديل: chroma
Left clickScroll wheel & middle clickRight clickLeft side button 1Left side button 2..
₪185 ₪260
Redragon K563 SURYA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys Redragon K563 SURYA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys
-21 %
النوع: redragon الموديل: k563
Bulllet Points:√ 5 MARCRO KEYS: There's 5 programmable marco keys(G1~G5) on the keyboard which can be recorded macros on the fly without any additional software required to be installed. Easy to edit and DIY your stylish keyboard. (No CD software included)√ N-KEY ROLLOVER: 104 keys anti-ghosting all..
₪155 ₪195
Redragon M712 wired gaming mouse RGB Redragon M712 wired gaming mouse RGB
-24 %
النوع: redragon الموديل: m712
Bullet point10000 DPI via software ,125-1000 Hz user adjustable polling rate, 20G acceleration. The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy while the Gaming Grade Micro Switches ensure longevity, greater durability and extreme responsiveness, giving you an even greater edge over your compet..
₪65 ₪85
Sades SA920
-19 %
النوع: sades الموديل: sa920
[Multi-platform:]The latest version Sades gaming headset with a 3.5mm connector audio input for PlayStation 4/Mobile Phone/Tablet PC/Laptop PC, and a 3.5mm 1 to 2 jack cable for desktop computer.[Function Design :]Acoustic positioning precision, it compatible with mac/ps4/newest xbox and so on,game ..
₪110 ₪135
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